Hainan Airlines’ Chairman Chen Feng Interprets Chinese Culture and Shares His Reflections on Business

— The School of Social Sciences successfully held the first lecture

On May 23, 2013, Chen Feng, chairman (also president and party secretary) of Hainan Airlines (HNA Group) delivered a wonderful lecture entitled “Reflections on Business:Modern Society and Chinese Culture” in the Room 1101, Classroom Building One. This is the fourth lecture of the “Quyuan Forum” series hosted by the School of Social Sciences of Tsinghua University. The party secretary of the School of Social Sciences Shi Zhiqin, the vice party secretary Zhang Chenggang, and over 120 teachers, students, and journalists participated in the lecture hosted by the Dean Li Qiang.

Chairman Chen reviewed HNA Group’s development over the past 20 years. He pointed out that HNA has four major accomplishments in the last two decades. Firstly, HNA become one of the Chinese enterprises among the top 500 world enterprises. Secondly, it has been developed into a well-known international Chinese brand. Thirdly, it is now an integrated enterprise with comprehensive modern services. Fourthly, HNA takes longstanding social responsibilities to benefit the society with its charity works as well as social undertakings. More importantly, he shared his own interpretation and reflections on Chinese traditional culture, and gave some vivid examples to show how he learned and applied the Chinese traditional culture and modern western management model to the development of HNA.

Chairman Chen also gave students some suggestions. Firstly, he believes we should read classics, and be accompanied by great sages. The classics are the crystallization of human wisdom; and the sages are role models for us. Hence, one can make great progress with these two life principles. Secondly, we should be of use to our society and nation, learn how to make a living, and acquire the skills at work. Thirdly, we should have great ambition to bear the responsibility that has been entrusted to us. Fourthly, we should aim at the highest level of pursuit in life: “To ordain conscience for heaven and earth, to strive fortune for the people, to inherit the teachings of sages, and to establish peace and prosperity for future generations.”

During the Q&A session, the speaker interacted with the audience and made some in-depth discussions on humanity and the learning of conducting oneself, and the management of modern enterprises. The atmosphere was warm and lively. In the end, chairman Chen was awarded the contributing researcher by the Dean of the School of Social Sciences Li Qiang. They confirmed that both sides would further promote communication and cooperation.

His speech is highly theoretical as well as practical with rich content and broad perspectives that were explained in a simple and vivid way. The teachers and students benefited a lot from the lecture. In the meantime, the School of Social Sciences will continue to introduce excellent lectures to broaden the horizons of teachers and students, and contribute to the academic resources of social sciences.