2013 Graduation Ceremony Held by the School of Social Sciences

On July 9th, 2013, the School of Social Sciences held its 2013 graduation ceremony on the 2nd floor of Tsinghua Unis Center. The dean of the School of Social Sciences Li Qiang, the party secretary Shi Zhiqin, the members of the council office, faculty and staff representatives from each department, the alumni representative Chang Yu, and all the graduates of 2013 attended the ceremony. Deputy party secretary Zhang Chenggang hosted the ceremony.

Firstly, the party secretary Shi Zhiqin introduced the graduates of 2013 of the School of Social Sciences. Among the 178 graduates of the School of Social Sciences in 2013, there are 65 undergraduates, including 3 international students; and 113 postgraduates, including 34 international students. Professor Shi reviewed the career paths of the graduates and pointed out that the severe employment situation did not have a direct impact on the employment rate. Following, Professor Shi announced the compliments of all graduates.

Feng Han, the undergraduate representative and a prospective graduate student of Cambridge University; Suo Duo, the postgraduate representative who is enlisted for public service in Tibet; Wang Jianhua, the doctoral graduate representative and prospective employee of the Institute of Sociology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and the international student representative Nicholas Bihun delivered speeches respectively. They recalled their good times at Tsinghua University and expressed their gratitude to the university, the School of Social Sciences, and the teachers on behalf of all the graduates. They also showed their determination to take up the social responsibilities and serve the country, the society, and the people.

Yan Xuetong, the faculty representative, the dean of the Institute of Modern International Relations expressed his congratulations to the graduates and gave them his three suggestions: Firstly, you should try your hardest and do your best at work to get approved as a Tsinghua University graduate. Secondly, as a Chinese, you should love your country from the bottom of your heart in order to reach cooperative international communication. Thirdly, as a higher educated person, you should constantly enhance the humanity and become a better person.

Chang Yu, the alumni representative, the party secretary of the Communist Youth League of China, stated that for the graduates, graduation marks the end of their studies at Tsinghua University; however, at the same time, it also marks the start of their new journey in society. He wished the students could make three transformations as soon as they graduate based on his own experience: the transformation from simply learning from books and teachers in classes, to learning from the leader and colleagues in society; the transformation from judgmental simple conception, to the understanding of the complicated society; the transformation from criticizing the world, to constructing and changing the world. He believes this is the best way to integrate oneself into the society and apply professional knowledge into work.

Finally, Dean Li Qiang gave the concluding speech to congratulate the new graduates and pointed out three important meanings of the college experience. Firstly, the students will acquire a framework of basic knowledge, which would benefit them throughout their lifetime. Secondly, the relationship between the teachers and students, and the friendship between students will become a valuable part in life. Thirdly, the Tsinghua spirit will affect each of us deeply. Dean Li Qiang gave his remarks to all the graduates based on words of the former Chinese premier Zhu Rongji: about learning, the most important thing is to be strict and seek the truth, “a strict teacher produces talented students”; about being a person, the most important thing is to be upright and honest, “he is not fit to command others that cannot command himself”; about working, the most important thing is to pursue excellence, “he is to be committed to work, and seek for perfection".

During the ceremony, Dean Li Qiang and the party secretary Shi Zhiqin also awarded the Beijing outstanding graduates.

The faculty representatives and the graduates took photographs outside the Grand Hall and signed on the memorial wall at the ceremony entrance.