2013 Opening Ceremony for New Undergraduate Students Held by the School of Social Sciences

On August 21, 2013, the 2013 opening ceremony for new undergraduate students was held by School of Social Sciences in the multifunctional hall of Xiong Zhixing Building. The dean of the School of Social Sciences Li Qiang, the party secretary Shi Zhiqin attended the ceremony; deputy party secretary Zhang Chenggang hosted the ceremony.

Li Qiang delivered a speech at the ceremony to welcome the new students and stated the faith and belief of Tsinghua students: the constant pursue of excellence. It contains four spiritual levels: “self-discipline and social commitment”,“the spirit of independence and the thought of freedom”, “action speaks louder than words”, and “no blindly appraisal of superiors, nor on books, but merely on the truth”. Then, he introduced the development of the social sciences of Tsinghua University and wished the new students could work hard based on the platform of experimental class of social sciences and make progresses as a person and as a student in order to realize the dream of the School of Social Sciences and shoulder the responsibility of reviving the discipline, the nation, and the country.

Peng Kaiping, the director of the academic committee and the dean of the Psychology Department, delivered a speech on behalf of the teachers. He said that the college students should learn more knowledge, which reflects an experience, an attitude, and a way of thinking. He encouraged the students to pursue one’s own happy life from learning, from establishing friendship, from being an upright man. He believes it is also the start of the realization of the Chinese dream.

Liu Hao, the first president of the student union of the School of Social Sciences, gave a speech on behalf of all graduates. He shared his experience as a college student and expressed his wishes to the new students. Jin Tianyu delivered a speech on behalf of the new students to express their longings for college life and show their determination to carry on the excellent traditions, hard work, and improve the overall quality to become an academic scholar, business expert, and administration talent as a member of the first experimental class of social sciences. They will combine their own ambitions with the Chinese dream and the Tsinghua dream to meet their obligations as students of Tsinghua University and future talents of society.

Over 100 people attended the ceremony including the faculty and staff representatives, the student representatives, the new student counselors, and all the new undergraduate students of 2013 and their parents.