Tsinghua-Hopkins Dual Degree Program Signed Today

Launching a new pattern of Sino-US collaboration in education

Tsinghua University and Johns Hopkins University signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to offer a dual degree graduate program in International Politics and Economics on January 9, 2014 at Gongziting of Tsinghua University in Beijing. President of Tsinghua University Chen Jining and Johns Hopkins’ provost Robert C. Lieberman signed the MOU. Vice Provost of Tsinghua University Zhang Yi, Executive Vice President of graduate school Yang Bin, Deputy Director of International Office Xia Guangzhi, Dean of the School of International Relations Shi Zhiqin, and also teacher representatives from the two universities participated in the ceremony.

This program is the first dual degree master’s program between China and the United States in the field of international politics and economy studies. The program aims to train cross-country, cross-discipline, all-round high-level talents that can actively participate in the global governance for future requirements of national and international community. The Department of International Relations of the School of Social Sciences of Tsinghua University and the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) of Johns Hopkins University will jointly carry out the program.

According to the agreement, the program will accept 40 students every year; 20 from China and 20 from the United States. Enrollment for the program will begin in autumn 2014, and the first semester will start in September 2015. All enrolled students will start their study at Tsinghua University for a whole school year. Courses will include Political Science, Economics, Social Sciences, and so on. The third to fifth semesters will be spent in Washington D.C, where SAIS is based. The study will mainly focus on international economics, language studies, regional studies and specific issues.

Johns Hopkins University is a famous university in the United States with a long history and was ranked 12th among all American universities in 2013. The SAIS is a leading institution in the field of international relations in America. Its Master’s Degree Program in International Relations has ranked top two among American universities for years and also has a higher ranking than other famous universities like Harvard, Yale and Princeton. The School of International Relations of Tsinghua University also has achieved a good reputation in the academic field of international relations in China and has a faculty of experts and scholars with international influence. Therefore, this collaboration is a combination among the strong ones in the field of international studies. The agreement of the dual degree program will promote Tsinghua University towards world-class university. More importantly, it will launch a new model of collaboration between Chinese and U.S. universities and become the center of focus in the field of international politics and economics research.