Global Forum on “Urbanization and Urban Governance” was held in Tsinghua University

On April 11, the opening ceremony of global forum on “Urbanization and Urban Governance” jointly organized by School of Social Sciences of Tsinghua University, and School of Social Sciences of Singapore Management University (SMU), and the “Urbanization and Integration of Urban and Rural Areas” Collaborative Innovation Center was held at the Reception Hall of the Main Building of Tsinghua University. President of SMU Professor Arnoud De Meyer, Deputy Chief of Mission & Minister-Counselor and Embassy of the Republic of Singapore to China Mr. Eric Teo, Chairman of the Centre for Liveable Cities in Singapore Dr. Liu Thai-Ker and other officials attended the forum. Vice President of Tsinghua University Professor Xie Wei He, and Dean of Tsinghua University’s School of Social Sciences Professor Li Qiang also attended the forum.

Guests attending the forum. - By student reporter Wang Haoran.


Vice President Xie Weihe giving a speech at the opening ceremony. - By student reporter Wang Haoran.

Vice President Xie Weihe delivered the welcome speech on behalf of Tsinghua University at the opening ceremony to the experts and scholars. He said that China is now at a crucial moment in urbanization development, but also in a phase full of contradictions that is brought by urbanization. Therefore, it is very important for the sustainable development of the social economy in China to achieve healthy development of urbanization in the next few decades. Vice President Xie emphasized that the study of urbanization development should focus on the collaborative effort of multiple disciplines and draw lessons from all sorts of experiences. He expressed that after years of research, the subject of urbanization has always received considerable attention in Tsinghua University. Meanwhile, Singapore has accumulated rich experiences in the field of urbanization. This forum would provide a platform for thorough communication between China and Singapore to share and learn from their experiences, which is of great importance for exploring urbanization development in China, Asia and the world.


President Arnoud De Meyer delivering a speech. - By student reporter Wang Haoran.

Professor Arnoud De Meyer said in his speech that this forum is another collaboration between Tsinghua University and SMU after the signed memorandum of understanding in 2013. He said, “It is our hope that this Forum with Tsinghua University will facilitate the sharing of experiences and lessons learned by both countries in the areas of Urbanization and Urban Governance, germinate good ideas and offer possible solutions to the common challenges faced by both countries”.

Mr. Eric Teo expressed congratulations on the opening of the forum. He said that Singapore has accumulated rich experiences in the field of urbanization for China. He expects that China and Singapore will constantly enhance cooperation in the field of urbanization and urban governance to create a high quality living environment for people of both countries.


The opening ceremony. - By student reporter Wang Haoran.

Dr. Liu Thai-Ker and Li Qiang respectively delivered keynote speeches on “Singapore as Urban Laboratory” and “Urbanization and Integrated Development of Urban and Rural Areas”.

The topics presented and discussed at the forum covered “Urbanization and Urban Governance Transformations”, “Corporate Social Responsibility”, and “Social Integration, Community Governance, Poverty and Housing” and so on.

Scholars, experts and academics from China and Singapore in the fields of Social Sciences, Economic Management, Urban Construction, and Public Management attended the forum. 

This forum is also one of series of Academic Activities for  the 30th Anniversary Commemoration of Department of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University.