2014 Graduation Ceremony Held by the School of Social Sciences

On July 4th, 2014, the School of Social Sciences held its 2014 graduation ceremony in the multifunctional hall on the 2nd floor of Xiong Zhixing building, Tsinghua University. The dean of the School of Social Sciences Li Qiang, Party Secretary Shi Zhiqin, members of the council office, faculty and staff representatives from each department, alumni representatives, and all the graduates of 2014 attended the ceremony.

Firstly, Deputy Party Secretary Zhang Chenggang introduced the graduates of 2014 of the School of Social Sciences. Among the 215 graduates of the School of Social Sciences in 2014, there are 69 undergraduates, including 1 international student; and 146 postgraduates, including 57 international students. Professor Zhang reviewed the career paths of the graduates of 2014 under the critical employment situation. The vice dean of the School of Social Sciences Chen Qi announced the achievements of the graduate class and the graduates of 2014. Following, the school leaders conferred certificates for the graduates who have received the honorary title of “Outstanding Graduates of Beijing”.

Student Counselor Li Zhao, also an undergraduate representative and a prospective graduate student of the Department of International Relations of our school; Party Branch Secretary Liu Yuan, the postgraduate representative and a prospective employee of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, outstanding scholarship winner Yu Feng, the doctoral graduate representative and a prospective postdoctoral researcher at Tsinghua University, and the international student representative from America, Mao Jun, delivered speeches respectively. They recalled their growth and change at Tsinghua from perspectives of life and work, the great times they spent together with teachers and classmates, and the knowledge and responsibilities they have learned. They expressed their gratitude to the university, the School of Social Sciences, and the teachers on behalf of all the graduates and bid a reluctant farewell. They also showed their determination to take up the social responsibilities, always be themselves, always be thankful, and carry forward the Tsinghua spirit and the sincere friendship with the School of Social Sciences.

Cai Jiming, the faculty representative, a professor of Institute of Economics, told several real life stories to illustrate the essence of “The main tenet of learning is to promote virtues and develop an honorable character.”; Professor Li Bin from the Department of International Relations delivered a speech in both Chinese and English and expressed his high expectations and best wishes to the graduates.

Wang Hui, the alumni representative, editor-in-chief of Beijing Television Station, expressed his gratitude to the School of Social Sciences, shared his work experiences with the graduates who are about to enter the workforce, and expressed his sincere expectations.

Lastly, Dean Li Qiang gave the concluding speech to congratulate the graduates who grew up together with the School of Social Sciences and witnessed the separation of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. He pointed out that the students would acquire a framework of basic knowledge, which would benefit them throughout their lifetime; the relationship between the teachers and students, and the friendship between students would become a valuable part in life; and the Tsinghua spirit would affect each of us deeply. As a dean who has served for 10 years, Li Qiang expressed his strong feelings for the School of Social Sciences and his expectations for the graduates on being a good person, on learning, and on working.

At the end of the ceremony, all the faculties and students watched the documentary film of “30 Years of the School of Social Sciences in Tsinghua University”. They reviewed together the development of the School of Social Sciences over the past 30 years, which shows the teachers’ hard work and the alumni’s deep feelings for the school. Deputy Party Secretary Zhang Chenggang hosted the ceremony.

The faculty representatives and the graduates took photographs outside the Grand Auditorium and signed on the memorial wall at the ceremony entrance.