Academic Symposium of “The Modernization of Technology Governance System in China” held in Tsinghua University

Academic symposium of “The Modernization of Technology Governance System in China” was held in Tsinghua University on January 10, 2015. In-depth discussions of issues and concerns were conducted, including the current situation of technology governance system in China and the stakeholders, the relationship between the government and the market in scientific and technical innovation, the industrial technology innovation ability, the quality and quantity of scientific and technological development, the technical resource allocation, the reformation of scientific research institutions, the modernization of technology governance, and so on.

This conference took place at a time when China is comprehensively deepening its reforms, accelerating the governance system, and improving the modernization of governance ability. Professor Lu Feng from the School of Government, Peking University, Professor Liu Xielin from the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Zhou Cheng from the Research Center of STS, Peking University, Researcher Chen Baoming from the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development, Ministry of Science and Technology, Professor Wang Jiang from Beijing University of Chemical Technology, and also Professor Gao Xudong, Li Jizhen, Li Zhengfeng, and Xiao Guangling from the School of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University, gave keynote speeches during the conference.

Associate professor Wu Jinxi, also the director of the Center of Strategic Emerging Industries, School of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University, hosted the conference. Over 50 experts and scholars from inside and outside of the university attended the conference.