Research Center for Anthropology and Ethnology Held Lecture on

On December 24, 2014, a lecture on “Wu Zelin: Ethnic Culture” was held by the Research Center for Anthropology and Ethnology, School of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University. Zhou Mingfu, who served as the deputy director of Subcommittee of Ethnic and Religious Affairs of the CPPCC and the vice president of China Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, also the former deputy director of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission and vice president of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, was invited to give a lecture entitled “Reflections on the Development of Ethnic Culture”, followed by group discussions.

Zhou Mingfu elaborated his reflections on the “ethnic problem” with Chinese characteristics, the right path of solving ethnic problem in China, adherence to the development with Chinese characteristics, and the solution to China’s ethnic problem with the central idea of “taking the path of solving the ethnic problem with Chinese characteristics”. He also expressed his wish to enhance cooperation with Tsinghua University for further ethnic studies and solutions to the ethnic problem in China.

People who have made outstanding contributions to the protection and development of ethnic culture were invited to attend the lecture, which was held in honor of Mr. Wu Zelin. Wu Zelin passed the entrance examination of Tsinghua Preparatory School in 1912, and went to America after graduation in 1922. Later, he received a doctorate degree from Ohio State University. After returning to China, he first taught at the Southwest United University in 1941, and then returned to Tsinghua University after the War of Resistance against Japan. Mr. Wu served as the academic dean of Tsinghua University in 1946 and the director of the Department of Anthropology in1947. He also established the Museum of Anthropology of Tsinghua University. After the Liberation, Mr. Wu held various positions in Minzu University of China and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. He is the founder of the Museum of Ethnology in China and has made great contribution to the foundation as well as the development of Sociology, Ethnology, and Anthropology in China.

The director of the Research Center for Anthropology and Ethnology Zhang Xiaojun hosted the lecture. Professor Pan Jiao from Minzu University of China, the party secretary of the School of Social Sciences Shi Zhiqin, the deputy dean of the School of Social Sciences Li Zhengfeng, Chen Qi, the deputy director of the School of International Relations Zhao Kejin, the assistant director of the office of Liberal Arts Duan Jiangfei, the associate professor from Xinjiang University Turdi, and some doctoral candidates attended the lecture.