The School of Social Sciences Held Its 2015 Alumni Celebration

On April 25, 2015, the School of Social Sciences of Tsinghua University held its 2015 alumni celebration at the Jinchun Garden. Alumni from the School of Social Sciences across the country got together to celebrate and discuss the history, as well as the future of the School of Social Sciences with the theme of “Let’s work together to build and realize dreams”. The dean of the School of Social Sciences Li Qiang, the former deputy secretary of party committee of Tsinghua University, retired dean of the former School of Humanities and Social Sciences Hu Xianzhang, the members of the council office, retired teachers and alumni representatives, and teachers and students of the School of Social Sciences participated in the conference hosted by the party secretary of the School of Social Sciences Shi Zhiqin.Li Qiang reviewed and concluded four major events that happened in the past year with alumni: The establishment of several institutes for brain research, the progress in internationalization, the development of big data, and the experimental area in Qinghe. Li Qiang pointed out that the experimental class has great progress in talent cultivation because with a more comprehensive disciplinary platform, the students would have stronger social consciousness, more in-depth international perspective,more diverse disciplinary background and more solid knowledge of basic skills.

Hu Xianzhang shared the process of “Tsinghua Dream”. He pointed out that Tsinghua University has made long and fruitful contribution to talent cultivation, which shows great importance to all sectors of our society. Nowadays, Tsinghua University is not only an educational base, but also an important center for innovation and development. It strives to become more than just a world-class university, but also a leading university in the world. In the end, Hu Xianzhang called upon everyone to work together to build and realize the “Tsinghua Dream”.

Teachers, alumni and students of the School of Social Sciences spoke one after another. They will bear the responsibility and make greater contribution to the country and society with high-spirited enthusiasm.