The 2015 Opening Ceremony for New Undergraduate Students Held by the School of Social Sciences

On August 20, 2015, the 2015 opening ceremony for new undergraduate students was held by the School of Social Sciences in the multifunctional hall of Xiong Zhixing Building. The dean of the School of Social Sciences Li Qiang, and the members of the council office, faculty and staff representatives from each department attended the ceremony to welcome 69 new students and parents. Deputy party secretary Zhang Chenggang hosted the ceremony.

Liu Congyao, the president of the student union of the School of Social Sciences, gave a speech on behalf of senior students. He advised that all new students should build their life upon a solid foundation, conduct academic research, study hard in university, proactively develop ability, participate in student activities, and become a man with dream and responsibility.

Wu Yuke, from Shan Xi, delivered a speech on behalf of all the new students of 2015. She expressed the longings and expectations for college life, showed the determination to start with little things to become a qualified student of the School of Social Sciences, and believed that actions speak louder than words and hard work will make dreams come into reality.

Associate professor Su Yusong from Department of Political Science expressed his best wishes to all students on behalf of the teachers. He wished all students could learn to explore the development of all things with scientific methods during their college years, engage in scientific thinking instead of value judgments, and recognize the true nature of things. He expected to see their growth and gains in four years.

Dean Li Qiang delivered a speech to welcome the new students. First of all, he recommended an article “What Makes a Good University” from Journal of Tsinghua University by Mei Yiqi, the former president of Tsinghua University, and explained the meaning and essence of this article that combines Confucianism with modern teaching philosophy. Then, he quoted Derek Bok, the former president of Harvard University, and pointed out that the common goals of higher education are to provide both broad knowledge in a variety of areas of study and in-depth knowledge in a specific major or field of interest, help students develop strong cross-disciplinary intellectual and practical skills, master at least one foreign language, develop critical thinking skills, explore different methods of investigation and thinking, develop an ability to acquire knowledge, understand more about the nature and society, have an open-minded attitude towards different values, an ability to choose the future life and career, and communicate with different types of people. He said that the three major functions of a university in the modern society are teaching, creating knowledge, and contributing to the society. The School of Social Sciences is similar to the School of Arts and Sciences abroad, which focuses on developing the students’ ability and general knowledge. Therefore, all students shall be proud and happy that they choose to study here. As China is entering a period of social transformation, the new students should adopt a rigorous and prudent approach to learn social sciences, and improve their comprehensive quality to contribute to national development.

After the ceremony, 69 new students will be prepared for the team building training camp and military training. New challenges as well as rewards are waiting for them. As the third experimental class of social sciences, the 69 new students will be on the way to pursuing their dreams in the beautiful Tsinghua campus. They will for sure fall in love with the School of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University, and enjoy the most unforgettable and meaningful four years of their life.