2015 Graduation Ceremony Held by the School of Social Sciences

On July 8th, 2015, the School of Social Sciences held its 2015 graduation ceremony in the multifunctional hall on the 2nd floor of Xiong Xingzhi Building, Tsinghua University. The dean of the School of Social Sciences Li Qiang, the party secretary Shi Zhiqin, and the members of the council office, faculty and staff representatives from each department, the alumni representatives and all the graduates of 2015 attended the ceremony.

Firstly, the deputy party secretary Zhang Chenggang introduced the graduates of 2015 of the School of Social Sciences. Among the 192 graduates of the School of Social Sciences in 2015, there are 73 undergraduates, including 4 international students; and 119 postgraduates, including 39 international students. Professor Zhang pointed out that under the severe employment situation, the overall employment rate of 2015 graduates has reached 100%, a record high since the establishment of the School of Social Sciences. He then reviewed the career paths of the graduates of 2015. The vice dean of the School of Social Sciences Chen Qi announced the compliments of the graduate class and all graduates of 2015. Following, the dean of the School of Social Sciences Li Qiang and the party secretary Shi Zhiqin conferred certificates for the graduates who have received the honorary title of outstanding graduates of Beijing.

Shu Weiming, the undergraduate representative and a prospective graduate student of the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University, expressed that she has accumulated academic knowledge and ability of thinking during the four years in college, learned to think deeply about the logic relationships between things, and gained a framework for thinking about the world. The point of going to university is to learn more about oneself.

Zuo Han, the graduate representative and a prospective employee of the Communist Youth League Center, told several real life stories humorously and lightheartedly to illustrate the nature of social sciences, that is, the collision of ideas from different disciplines and respecting differences. Everybody realized that we should explore multiple perspectives in today’s pluralistic and inclusive society. The teachers of the School of Social Sciences are all devoted, diligent and responsible, not only teach the students knowledge, but also to teach the students how to conduct. Though the School of Social Sciences is still young, the qualities have been carried forward.

Bayar, the international student representative from Mongolia, recalled the stressful but meaningful life in China, expressed his gratitude for his growth and change in Tsinghua University, showed the determination to be more confident about future hardships and face the future with courage, and also expressed gratitude to the teachers and classmates with best wishes.

Zheng Lu, the faculty representative and a professor of the Department of Sociology, highly praised the knowledge and accomplishments of students of the School of Social Sciences and hoped that students chase their dreams no matter what path in life they take. He also said, “Learn to be a man before starting doing things”. In the end, he wished that all the graduates could keep in touch with the teachers and classmates after graduate and be sure to come back often.

The alumni representative Chang Yu, a graduate student of 2008 from the Department of Sociology, the secretary of Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, shared his understanding of our nation, Tsinghua University, and himself. He encouraged the students to seize every opportunity to get to know the society and learn through practice in real life, work hard for the honor of Tsinghua University, carry forward the Tsinghua spirit, always be confident, optimistic, and responsible. He also expressed his high expectations and best wishes to the graduates.

Huo Hongwei, a graduate student of 2005 from the Department of Sociology who now works for the Organization Department, Dongcheng District, Beijing shared his experience. He felt thankful that he had learned confidence, the pattern of life, and the foundation of life in Tsinghua University. He told the students who are about to leave the university and enter into society to be confident rather than being arrogant, independent rather than alone, persistent rather than stubborn, eager rather than anxious, and unsuccessful rather than frustrated. He also said that we should always adhere to the standards of Tsinghua University and be worthy of our university, of our country, of this age.

Following, the school leaders and two student representatives of Program of Leading Talents conferred certificates for Chang Yu and Huo Hongwei, who have received the honorary title of “Extramural Advisor of the Joint-supervision Program of Leading Talents of the School of Social Sciences”.

Finally, Dean Li Qiang gave the concluding speech to congratulate the graduates. He pointed out that social science is a discipline of “humanistic pragmatism”, that is, applying theory and research to practice, which is a beneficial knowledge system that will last a lifetime. He told some anecdotes of Anti-Japanese War heroes of Tsinghua University to illustrate the essence of Tsinghua spirit: being careful, strict, and realistic toward academic studies; being honest, upright, and straightforward as a man; being excellent at work. Students of Tsinghua University should try to be a man of noble character and pursue their dreams with passion and perseverance. Li Qiang also expressed his best wishes to the graduates and high expectations for them about being a person, about learning, and about working.

During the ceremony, the student representatives expressed their gratitude to the university, the School of Social Sciences, the teachers, and the classmates. The teachers and alumni also gave their best wishes to the graduates of 2015 who are about to enter a new phase of life. The exploration of the society and the world would not stop because of graduation. The love and concern of the School of Social Sciences would not stop, either. The Tsinghua spirit would be with all the graduates as they enter a new phase of life, and the memories of the School of Social Sciences would travel to all places of China along with these students.

The faculty representatives and the graduates took photographs outside the Grand Hall and signed on the memorial wall at the ceremony entrance.