Professor Yan Xuetong was on Elsevier’s 2014 Most Cited Chinese Researchers’ List

Recently, the world-famous publishing company Elsevier released the 2014 Most Cited Chinese Researchers’ list. Professor Yan Xuetong from the School of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University, was one of two researchers on the list from the field of social sciences. 104 scholars from Tsinghua University were selected, among which 2 were already transferred from their position, that is, 102 scholars are from Tsinghua University (academician Zhang Xi from Department of Chemistry was listed in the field of material science as well as the field of chemistry).

The statistical data of 2014 Most Cited Chinese Researchers is based on the Scopus database from Elsevier. Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature. It provides extremely large amounts of scientific research papers, information of authors, and research institutions, which make it possible to evaluate and analyze the international influence of Chinese scholars.

Most cited researchers have been selected as both the first author and corresponding author, whose articles have been cited most frequently in their respective fields. They are influencing the future direction of their fields and have made significant achievements. 1,651 most influential Chinese researchers in the world from 38 disciplines, including social sciences, physics, chemistry, mathematics, economy, are on the list.