President Qiu Yong Visited Our New Graduate Students

On August 25, the opening ceremony for new graduate students was held by the School of Social Sciences in Mingzhai Building, Tsinghua University. President of Tsinghua University Qiu Yong and the Deputy Party Secretary Shi Zongkai attended the ceremony to welcome the new students of the School of Social Sciences.

The School of Social Sciences has accepted 265 new graduate students this year, including 194 Master’s students and 71 PhD students. The Tsinghua-Johns Hopkins SAIS’s dual degree Master’s program in International Politics and Economics also prepared to welcome their first batch of students. The 18 students from China, the United States, Korea, Canada, and many other countries, have come together to begin their new journey with the vigor of youth and passion for knowledge. These students with diversified backgrounds all graduated from top universities in China and abroad, some of whom have previously worked for well-known institutions, such as the World Bank, the U.S. Department of the Treasury, and accumulated rich experiences, while others have made academic breakthrough, commented on current events, and won prizes in design competition. Great partners and supportive environment would help them to learn from each other and grow together.

During the communication with the students of Tsinghua-Johns Hopkins SAIS’s dual degree Master’s program in International Politics and Economics, President Qiu first welcomed the new students, and then showed great support and expectation for the joint program. He encouraged students to help each other, learn from each other, take full advantage of the resources of the universities, and gain knowledge through study. The dean of the School of Social Sciences Li Qiang delivered a speech to welcome the new students. He believed that the students would gain knowledge from different disciplines of the School of Social Sciences and have a more comprehensive and deeper understanding of International Politics and Economics.

Students of the program also expressed their gratitude to the School of Social Sciences and showed satisfaction with the convenient accommodation as well as the well-designed learning programs. One of the students, Jonathan Peyster, said excitedly to President Qiu: “Me and my Chinese roommate helped each other learn foreign languages. He taught me Chinese, and I taught him English. I am very excited about this kind of international communication.”

After the registration, these students started talking to each other about their personal experiences and expectations for future life, and then took group photos together.