2015 Opening Ceremony Held by the School of Social Sciences

The 2015 opening ceremony for new graduate students was held by the School of Social Sciences in the multifunctional hall of Xiong Zhixing Building in the afternoon of August 27, 2015. The dean of the School of Social Sciences Li Qiang, the party secretary Shi Zhiqin, and the members of the council office, faculty and staff representatives from each department attended the ceremony. Deputy party secretary Zhang Chenggang hosted the ceremony.

Zeng Yu, the president of the graduate student association of the School of Social Sciences, gave a speech on behalf of the senior students. She shared her experience in Tsinghua campus during the past year and suggested that all new students should seize the opportunities offered by Tsinghua University, work hard and communicate with each other, and improve abilities in practice.

Professor Liu Bing from the Institute of Science, Technology and Society expressed his best wishes to all students on behalf of the teachers. He put forward two suggestions for the new students: Firstly, set clear goals. Interest is the basis of scholarly research; therefore, you could choose goals firmly and properly only if you are passionate for academic research and take the pursuit of social sciences enthusiastically. Secondly, do research as a graduate student. As a student interested in academic research, you should be able to resist temptation, relieve stress, remove all distractions, and concentrate on doing high-quality research. Students of the liberal arts should read extensively and widely, keep the mind at peace in the not quite perfect environment, pursue a life goal, and do academic studies of high quality.

Zhang Yuqian, the new student representative of “Tsinghua-Johns Hopkins SAIS’s dual degree Master’s program”, delivered a speech on behalf of all the new students. He expressed his determination that during college life, he would focus on academic research, participate in social work, and diligently pursue his own goals and dreams. He also said that he would always remind himself of the initial intent and wished all students could improve themselves with determination, appreciate themselves with ambition, encourage themselves with the initial intent, and accomplish extraordinary things in the ordinary world.

Dean Li Qiang delivered a speech to welcome the 2015 new students and illustrated the purposes of a university, quoting Mei Yiqi, former president of Tsinghua University. He said that the two major purposes of a university are doing academic research and cultivating talents. After 80 years of development, Tsinghua University has become a research-oriented university where graduate students have outnumbered undergraduate students. Under such great research environment, the new students should endeavor to do the following: Firstly, the academic research and current politics should develop simultaneously. Facing the complicated situation in China, you should never separate books from reality, endeavor to reform the traditions in the big data era, and investigate innovative methods to solve the social problems at the lowest cost possible; secondly, the new students should have the persistence to keep moving forward and finally make breakthrough based on accumulated knowledge. You have to work hard and endure loneliness if you want to surpass the predecessors. The new students should follow the spirit of Mr. Chen Yinque, who wanted to acquire knowledge instead of a degree, and Mr. Qian Zhongshu, who swept Tsinghua University’s library. Thirdly, the new students should cultivate critical thinking. You should be able to put forward your own opinion based on comprehensive reading because the social sciences’ problem allows for more than one answer. Fourthly, the new students should aim at solving difficult problems based on the policy of reform and opening up. China is undergoing the largest scale of urbanization and industrialization, which in turn make China become the largest experimental field of social sciences with unprecedented opportunities and challenges. Therefore, the students of social sciences should not make ant empty talks, but contribute to solving strategic problems.

After the opening ceremony, 265 new students are greatly inspired, prepared for the following entrance education, and begin their journey in Tsinghua campus. During the process of social transformation in China, the Master’s students, PhD students, as well as the international students, will all learn social sciences with a scientific attitude, endeavor to improve themselves, have a fruitful and memorable time, and fall in love with Tsinghua University.