THU Positive Psychology Instructor Certificate Program Starts Successfully

In the morning of January 8th, an opening ceremony was held for the positive psychology instructor training class in Tsinghua University (THU) in the Tsinghua Unisplendour International Center. This opening of the class also marked an official start of the THU Positive Psychology Instructor Certificate Program. Yang Bin, THU Vice President, Deng Liman, Director of THU Education & Training Department, Li Ying, Vice Dean of the School of Social Sciences, Peng Kaiping, Head of the Department of Psychology attended the ceremony.

Yang Bin pointed out in his speech that the development of China’s society experienced a stage from standing up to becoming better-off, but at present the development goal was to be happy. Therefore, THU launched the positive psychology training program in the light of realizing the goal of happiness among Chinese people. As a world-known scholar of cultural psychology, Prof. Peng Kaiping went back to China to reestablish the Department of Psychology, THU, and advocated positive psychology, which was quite significant. Positive psychology is a key area in the disciplinary development of the Department of Psychology, THU, which just like realized the overtaking on the curve. Continuing Education is a non-degree education, so introducing the quality certification is very meaningful and innovative.

Peng Kaiping also introduced the characteristics of this program while Li Ying gave an introduction of the enrollment situation.

Altogether, 111 students were enrolled in the training class which lasted only for one month. Ranging in age from 21 to 62, these students come from 22 places like Beijing, Guangdong province, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, etc, and their jobs involve in education, health care, information technology and so on.

The Positive Psychology Instructor Certificate Program is a new exploration of the continuing education work of our university which encourages all schools and departments to radiate the advanced and excellent research results to the society, based on the advantages combined with the characteristics of their own courses. The Department of Psychology in THU is exclusively authorized by International Positive Psychology Association. Characteristic of positive psychology, the department has become a leading unit in domestic positive psychology, which focuses on academic research and enlarges the social influence. It is said that the program will offer intermediate and advanced courses within this year and will issue the THU Positive Psychology Instructor Certificate to the eligible students.