Tsinghua-SAIS Dual Degree Program Establishes the 1st Think Tank in Chinese Universities

In order to effectively participate in the reshaping of global political and economical system and drive the global governance system to a more fair, reasonable and effective development direction, Tsinghua University (THU) and Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Johns Hopkins University opened cooperatively the Dual Degree Master’s Program in global politics and economics, to cultivate talents in global governance.

It is said that as the first dual degree master’s program focused on global politics and economics run cooperatively by Chinese and U.S. institutions of higher education, it went to effect since January, 2014 and started enrollments since September, 2014. In August, 2015, the program has enrolled 18 students in total, who will study in THU for one year before leaving for SAIS located in the American capital Washington for a 15-month study. After fulfilling the degree requirements of both universities, students will be granted two master’s degrees.

It is known that in order to develop students’ ability of policy research & generalization, under the guidance of the teachers from the School of Social Sciences, THU, 18 students established the first think tank—NexGen Global Forum in Chinese universities, to discuss and analyze the current international situation from the perspective of young generation at home and abroad, exchange thoughts and views, and promote the mutual understanding between China and the world in terms of diplomatic policies and cultural concepts.

Through Wechat Official Accounts, websites, foreign social media and many other channels, this think tank regularly releases information and policy research report in both Chinese and English. Till now, Mao Keji, Kang Li and other students have published more than 20 articles related to international situation analysis in domestic and foreign media.

Besides, NexGen Global Forum also promotes communication so as to enlarge influence by holding public lectures, interacting with media, etc. During this December 16th-18th, the think tank completely undertook the “Zone Economy & Globalization Forum” co-sponsored by the School of Foreign Languages, THU and United Nations Development Program (UNDP). Over 200 people including industry officials from 7 African countries and Chinese officials from government agencies, research institutes, colleges & universities, enterprises, foreign agencies in China, international organizations, etc, gathered together to talk about how to popularize the mode of “special economic zone” with Chinese characteristic to Africa and other developing countries and regions, so as to drive the cooperation in capacity and achieve joint development.