“90 Years of Tsinghua Social Science” Commemoration Conference & 105th Anniversary Alumni Seminar Held

School of Social Sciences held “90 Years of Tsinghua Social Science” Commemoration Conference & 105th Anniversary Alumni Seminar at Xiong Zhixing Building on morning of April 23. President Qiu Yong attended the conference and delivered a speech.

President Qiu expressed his welcome to the alumni and guests, extended his sincere congratulations on the 90th anniversary of former Social Sciences Department of Tsinghua, and read the congratulation letter from General Secretary Xi Jinping for the 105th anniversary of the founding of Tsinghua University. He said the General Secretary fully affirmed the achievement and traditional culture of Tsinghua University over previous 105 years.

Tsinghua University has made outstanding contributions to the inception and development of modern Chinese social science, and to the political, economic and social development of China. It has cultivated a large number of renowned social scientists with academic attainments, and fostered numerous academic masters, industrial elites and governance pillars. Currently, the university is deepening its comprehensive reform, an important measure in the initial stage of its second century. We should put into practice the instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, inherit the fine tradition, and make ourselves more innovative, more international and more humanistic. We should strengthen the building of university culture, promote cross-integration of humanities and social sciences with other disciplines, foster the literacy and social responsibility of students, cultivate all types of talents desired, get deeply involved in innovation-driven development strategy, and strive to be at the forefront in creating world-class universities, thereby making new and greater contributions to the development of the nation, the wellbeing of the people, and the progress of human civilization.

Mr. Deng Wei, the vice secretary of party committee, read the message from Mrs. Peng Peiyun,  the former vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, the president of National Women’s Federation, and alumna of Sociology Department of Tsinghua University: Carrying The Torch Over Past 9 Decades, Sticking To The Chinese Dream As Always.

Zhang Ronghua, secretary of Fei Xiaotong, Yan Zhijie, former president of School of Economics of Peking University, Zhang Jing, dean of Sociology Department of Peking University, Dai Jianzhong, research fellow of Institute of Sociology of Beijing Academy of Social Sciences, Fang Fang, dean of Department of Psychology of Peking University, Luo Hui, president of National Academy for Innovation Strategy, Hu Xiangzhang, former deputy secretary of the Party committee of Tsinghua University and dean of School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Zou Ji, representative of alumni, and Zhang Beinan, representative of students attended the conference and delivered a speech.

Zhang Ronghua, on behalf of Fei Xiaotong’s family, shared Mr. Fei’s learning experience in and affection to Tsinghua, and his efforts in promoting the spirit of Tsinghua University.

Yan Zhijie, on behalf of School of Economics of Peking University, shared the contribution of Mr. Chen Daisun to national higher education, as well as the precious spiritual heritage left over decades of teaching and research career.

Zhang Jing, on behalf of Sociology Department of Peking University, shared the importance and significance of Chinese social science for state institutional building, and expected that Tsinghua University, Peking University and other institutions of higher education could strengthen exchanges, appreciate each other, work together, and jointly promote the development of Chinese social science.

Dai Jianzhong recalled the 90-year glorious history of social sciences of Tsinghua, expected that a large number of world-class scholars with global vision would arise in China at the centennial celebration of social sciences of Tsinghua.

Fang Fang shared the deep roots and history of Peking University and Tsinghua University, and hoped that the two universities could corporate in psychology to promote the vigorous development of Chinese social sciences.

Luo Hui shared the achievements of Tsinghua University in talent cultivation, and the contributions to the state, and looked forward that students and teachers of Tsinghua could get involved in national think tank building and scientific research.

As the leader, participant and witness of rehabilitation of social sciences of Tsinghua University, Hu Xianzhang reviewed the history of social sciences of Tsinghua, summed up its traditional concepts and academic paradigms, and shared the contributions the older-generation social scientists of Tsinghua had made to Chinese social sciences and the valuable spirit and tradition as well.

Alumni representative Zou Ji shared his feelings during the study at Tsinghua University and its corresponding influence on his future life. Student representative Zhang Beinan shared the ideals and feelings of Tsinghua people, and show the vigor and spirit of the younger generation.

Finally, Li Qiang, dean of School of Social Sciences, expressed his sincere respect and gratitude to all the guests, leaders, alumni, faculty and students attending the conference. He reviewed the history and traditional spirit of social sciences of Tsinghua, presented the discipline system of the school, the achievements and directions of six departments and institutes in discipline construction. He expressed that in the face of new situations, new tasks and new requirements, School of Social Sciences would brave its missions and responsibilities, stick to history, and create greater glories.

The commemoration conference was chaired by Professor Liu Taoxiong, party secretary of School of Social Sciences, and over 100 school graduate, student and faculty representatives attended the event.