School of Social Sciences Held 2016 Graduation Ceremony

School of Social Sciences held its 2016 Graduation Ceremony at Multi-function Activity Center on the second floor of Xiong Zhixing Building on the afternoon of June 29.

Dean Li Qiang, party secretary Liu Taoxiong, school affair committee members, faculty representatives, alumni representatives and 2016 graduates attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Zhang Cheng Gang, deputy party secretary of the School.

First, Zhang Chenggang made a general introduction to 2016 graduates. The School has a total of 202 graduates in 2016, including 78 undergraduates, 5 of which are foreign students, and 124 postgraduates, 44 of which are foreign students. Zhang also made a brief analysis of the employment and placement of graduates this year. Liu Taoxiong announced the honors for graduating classes and individuals this year, and then school leaders issued certificates to the winners of Beijing outstanding graduates.

Undergraduate representative Zhang Jingwen, postgraduate representative Guo Shuo, doctoral representative Jin Pengjian, and foreign student representative Jin Danfei delivered a speech. They recalled their growth and improvement over past years, the good times with teachers and classmates on campus, and the knowledge and responsibility acquired in Tsinghua, expressed their gratitude to the alma mater, school and teachers, and declared that they would always bear in mind their social responsibilities, gratitude to the school, and the spirit of the University in pursuing dreams.

Li Hong as faculty representative from Department of Psychology placed high expectations for social science students, cautioned that “life is no royal road”, and encouraged them to brave hardships, always keep in mind the “self-reliance” spirit, and strive to be an upright person with dreams.

Doctoral graduate Xiao Lin from Grade 2008 and postgraduate Zhang Rui from Grade 2007 shared their campus experiences and work experience, and hoped the students could quickly adapt to the society.

The ceremony was concluded with a speech by Dean Li Qiang. Li Qiang first reviewed the history of the experiment class of humanities and social sciences and the history of the School, and expressed his congratulations to all the graduates on completing a full learning cycle. Closely linked to social practices, the various departments and institutes of the School play a supporting role in contemporary philosophy and social sciences, and adapt to the critical historical process of modernization transformation. Meanwhile, Li Qiang expected that the graduates would uphold the indomitable spirit that Tsinghua predecessors stick to from generation to generation, and cautioned that they should never be discouraged no matter what difficulties encountered, and choose and follow what is right. He recalled his expectations for the graduates in 2015, and told the story of Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin’s painstaking research experience at the Southwest Associated University, suggesting that all the graduates as members of Tsinghua people should inherit the spirit of the University. Finally, Li Qiang expressed his best wishes to all the students.

Before graduation ceremony, faculty representatives took the graduation photo with all the graduates in front of the auditorium, and left their signatures on the graduation wall at the entrance of the ceremony.