School of Social Sciences Holds the Admission Ceremony for 2016 Undergraduates

At half past ten on August 18, 2016, the Admission Ceremony for 2016 undergraduates in School of Social Sciences was grandly held at the Multi-function Hall in XiongZhixing Building. School Affair Committee members such as Dean Li Qiang and Party Secretary Liu Taoxiong and faculty representatives attended the ceremony to welcome the advent of more than 70 new comers.

On the ceremony, Li Qiufu, Chairman of the Student Union of the School, delivered a speech as senior student representative and shared his own insights from four aspects such as dense academic atmosphere, rich campus life, quality of students in Tsinghua, and feelings of students in School of Social Sciences.

Freshman Zhang Qin delivered a speech on behalf of the new comers and shared her yearning and expectation for Tsinghua, the new station of life, who hoped to study hard as always, be active and aggressive, set short- and long-term goals in time and draw a brilliant future with youth.

Prof. Long Denggao from Institute of Economics as faculty representative addressed the ceremony, who expected everyone to focus on “investment”, i.e., “investment” in his/her own human capital, in the years in Tsinghua. Prof. Long pointed out that we should study hard, develop our own interests and abilities in college days. Meanwhile, he also encouraged students to make unremitting efforts when confronting difficulties and frustrations in the future.

Dean Li Qiang extended a warm welcome to new comers in a later speech. He focused on the educational idea of “the interaction between Chinese and Western cultures, the ancient and modern, the sciences and humanities” of Tsinghua University, especially School of Social Sciences. Firstly, with respect to “the interaction between Chinese and Western cultures”, Prof. Li pointed out that social sciences as a system are derived from the West, but for China which was undergoing modernization transformation, social sciences would be of great use; secondly, with respect to “the interaction between the ancient and modern”, students would learn disciplinary knowledge systematically in School of Social Sciences, including modern theoretical knowledge and history of thought on corresponding disciplines; with respect to “the interaction between the sciences and humanities”, Prof. Li mainly took “big data” as an example and pointed out the situation of arts and science integration inside disciplines by combining data analysis and social science theories. Prof. Li took another example of “Qinghe Experiment” to describe the practical applicability of social sciences. Meanwhile, Prof. Li underlined the importance of liberal education which would guide students to understand knowledge development of modern natural and social sciences, and cultivate comprehensive talents with scientific literacy and insight.

The ceremony was presided over by Prof. Zhang Chenggang, Deputy Party Secretary of the School.

After the Admission Ceremony, Dean Li Qiang and other teachers had a short talk with parents of new comers present at the ceremony, which enhanced the relationship between parents and the School and increased mutual understanding through face-to-face communication.