School of Social Sciences Holds the Admission Ceremony for 2016 Postgraduates

At half past four on August 24, 2016, the Admission Ceremony for 2016 postgraduates in School of Social Sciences was grandly held at the Multi-function Hall in XiongZhixing Building. School Affair Committee members such as Dean Li Qiang and Party Secretary Liu Taoxiong and faculty representatives attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Prof. Zhang Chenggang, Deputy Party Secretary of the School.

Zhang Bijia, Chairman of Graduate Student Union of the School, delivered a speech as senior student representative. She expounded from three aspects such as being integrated into School of Social Sciences, cherishing days in the University and the School, and expressing gratitude to the University and the School; specifically, she shared her experience in learning, social work and life in the School.

Li Tiance delivered a speech as a postgraduate freshmen representative. He said he would make breakthroughs several years later through his own efforts in Tsinghua and show no regret for days in Tsinghua. He would develop the consciousness of being practical, carry forward the spirit of innovation and do practical work on a firm footing; learn widely from others’ strengths and accumulate steadily in studies, learn from teachers and constantly spur himself.

Prof. Ren Jiantao from Department of Political Science delivered a speech as faculty representative. Prof. Ren encouraged the freshmen to understand spiritual pursuits and goals of Tsinghua, respond to calls for virtue with mental and physical efforts, practice the motto of “Self-Discipline and Social Commitment”. Prof. Ren encouraged the freshmen present with 16 Chinese characters, which meant scientific spirit, critical consciousness, tough life and excellent pursuit and expected them to keep in mind.

Dean Li Qiang extended his warm welcome and sincere congratulations to 2016 postgraduate freshmen in the final speech. He pointed out that it was both an honor and responsibility to be admitted to Tsinghua. He mentioned the purpose of social sciences and in the face of various problems in the transformation of modern society, Chine needs talents in social sciences to face difficulties and assume the important mission of social sciences research. Dean Li Qiang believed that engagement in social sciences requires learning more, and knowledge system should be built by reading literatures and books. He also introduced his own experience in empirical studies on social sciences and the importance of research methods in the field of social sciences to students. Finally, Dean Li Qiang encouraged every student to make progress in both conducing oneself and learning.

After the Admission Ceremony, more than 260 postgraduate freshmen were particularly encouraged and prepared to greet the subsequent entrance education with a new look and set out on a new journey in Tsinghua. It is believed that postgraduates, doctoral students and overseas student would all get to know social sciences with a rigorous and steady learning attitude and improve their comprehensive quality in the course of China’s socialized transformation, fall in love with the School and Tsinghua University in the future, and harvest rich and unforgettable time in life.