Gordon C. K. Cheung from Durham University and Martin Jacques from Cambridge University Hired as “Weilun Distinguished Visiting Professors” by Tsinghua

Lately, invited by Professor Long Denggao, Director of the Center for Chinese Entrepreneur Studies (CCES) of Tsinghua University and Professor Yan Xuetong, Dean of the Institute for International Relations of Tsinghua University, Gordon C. K. Cheung and from Durham University and Martin Jacques from Cambridge University were hired as “Weilun Distinguished Visiting Professors”.

Dr. Gordon C. K. Cheung taught at the School of Government and International Affairs of Durham University in 2002, served as the Chief Editor at the international academic periodical East Asia: An International Quarterly in 2004, served as the Director of the Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies of Durham University in 2014, and has conducted research and paid visits to multiple internationally well-known universities, including Renmin University of China, University of Hong Kong, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Lingnan University in Hong Kong, National University of Singapore, University of Hawaii and Oxford. His research areas include: China and global plutonomy, Chinese business and plutonomy, Asian politics, economy and culture, Chinese family business and overseas Chinese. During his visit at Tsinghua, Professor Cheung will undertake teaching and scientific research tasks and have academic exchanges with teachers and students in the School of Social Sciences about Chinese businessmen’s promotion of public welfare programs, successful cases of overseas Chinese businessmen promoting such programs, differences between the public welfare programs in China and those in developed countries, and future development directions. Cheung will also work with teachers of the School of Social Sciences in mentoring doctoral students.

Martin Jacques, serving as a professor at Cambridge, has conducted profound research and written many works in research areas such as the rise of the contemporary China and the historical significance of the Chinese civilization. He also has permanent special columns in mainstream European and American newspapers and poses quite some international influence. During his visit at Tsinghua, Professor Martin Jacques will undertake key teaching and research tasks and study and lecture on specific topics, including the diversity of modernity, the past and present of universalism in the West, implications of China’s ancient history for observing the contemporary China, and China’s rise not repeating the path of Western hegemony wars.

Professor Cheung and Professor Martin Jacques have arrived at Tsinghua and respectively had through communication with Professor Long Denggao and Professor Yan Xuetong about teaching and research plans during their service period. They also made detailed plans for visits and cooperation. Both sides have expressed confidence about the cooperation.

The program “Weilun Distinguished Visiting Professors at Tsinghua ” was kicked off in 2000. It is financially supported by “Weilun Foundation for Distinguished Visiting Professors ”, a foundation funded by the Hong Kong industrialist Sir Quo-wei Lee. As of now, this program has been implemented for 16 years. With a plan to annually hire 2 to 4 famous professors both at home and abroad to undertake teaching and research work at the schools of arts in Tsinghua, the program has currently received nearly 70 visiting teachers and plays a big role in promoting the development of arts at Tsinghua. Since 2011, among the some 70 teachers, 21 have visited the School of Social Sciences and the School of Humanities, greatly enhancing discipline construction and talent cultivation.