Four Teachers from School of Social Sciences Win Awards at the 7thTsinghua University Young Teachers’ Teaching Competition

The 7th Tsinghua University Young Teachers’ Teaching Competition took place in Schwarzman College on December 2, 2016. 40 young teachers from 22 schools and departments participated in this competition, including 26 competitors in the science and engineering group from 14 schools and departments, and 14 competitors in the liberal arts group from 8 schools and departments. Our School of Social Sciences sent four teachers to compete, among whom Jin Weiping and Qian Jing won the first prize for the liberal arts group, and Rong Ke and Luo Hao won the second prize.

Jin Weiping, female, Doctor of theoretical economics of Nankai University, Lecturer of Institute of Economics, Visiting Scholar of University of Massachusetts Amherst. Main research fields: macroeconomics, especially Keynesian economics and monetary theory. Main courses: Principles of Economics (Volume I and II), Intermediate Macroeconomics, Chinese Macroeconomic Analysis, Chinese Economic Analysis, The Economics of Life, Economic Research and Writing (for postgraduate students).

Qian Jing, female, Doctor of the University of Warwick, Lecturer of Department of Psychology. Qian is good at taking a multi-disciplinary perspective and a strict quantitative approach to study basic issues in economy and decision behavior at the level of theory construction. Her research fields include behavioral economics, experimental economics and economic psychology. She has created a general mathematic model used for describing situational judgment, and this model is applicable to research on consumer price judgment in the market and pay satisfaction in labor economics.To be specific, it is a process of studying and solving problems related to decision behavior and risk perception in economics and sociology through psychometric methods.

Rong Ke, male, Doctor of University of Cambridge, Associate Professor with Institute of Economics, nearly ten years’ study and work experiences in UK, former Doctoral Supervisor and Senior Lecturer of Bournemouth University and the University of Exeter, Visiting Scholar of Harvard Business School. Main research fields: business/innovation ecosystem, sharing economy/platform economy, and data ecology.

Luo Hao, female, Doctor of Uppsala University, Lecturer of Department of Sociology, Honorary Researcher with Sau Po Centre on Ageing, The University of Hong Kong. Research fields: social statistics, structural equation model, gerontology, and demography. Main courses: Intermediate Social Statistics, Social Statistics, and Big Data Analytics.