School of Social Sciences New-semester 1st School Affairs Meeting for Administrative Leadership Renewal

On the afternoon, February 21, 2017, School of Social Sciences (SSS) held the 1stmeeting on school affairs of the new semester. Jiang Shengyao, Executive Deputy Secretary of university, and Xu Qinghong, Director of the Organization Department, attended the meeting and announced the renewal of the SSS administrative leadership.

Director Xu Qinghong read out the notice of appointment and removal. Peng Kaiping succeeds Li Qiang as Dean of SSS. Li Zhengfeng, Wang Tianfu and Zhao Kejin are appointed as Deputy Deans, while Chen Qi and Li Ying no longer hold this post.

In his speech, Jiang Shengyao mentioned that the university pays high attention to the development of SSS, affirmed that Comrade Li Qiang together with his colleagues had made important contributions to the long-term development of humanities & social sciences in the past 14 years, when he was Dean of School of Social Sciences and School of Humanities, Tsinghua University, and expressed heartfelt thanks for their hard work and the achievements gained by both schools in recent years. Meantime, he placed great hopes on the new leadership with Comrade Peng Kaiping as the Dean: a) under the background of rapid development of the country and comprehensive reform of the university, the new leading group must seize opportunities to redouble efforts in disciplinary development planning, talent cultivation and team construction; b) in terms of inheritance of Tsinghua culture and history, SSS should take the biggest share of engagement; c) the Party and administrative leaders need to enhance coordination, solidarity and cooperation to forge ahead and gain new brilliant achievements for SSS.

The newly-appointed Dean Peng Kaiping thanked teachers and students of Tsinghua University and SSS for their trust. Meanwhile, he found himself endowed with more responsibilities, and pledged to serve the teachers and students wholeheartedly, which calls for 1) strengthened global consciousness for his new position and new role; 2) strengthened consciousness of reform and innovation for SSS development with Chinese characteristics plus Tsinghua characteristics; 3) strengthened political consciousness for effective management of SSS affairs with close coordination and united effort of the Party and administrative leaders and adherence to the leadership of the CPC. Professor Li Qiang reviewed the development and achievement obtained since he took office. He expressed his appreciation for the strong support from Tsinghua University leaders as well as his colleagues in SSS, hoping that the university top leadership will continue to care for and support SSS development, and believing that the SSS leaders can create a new situation of SSS development and its disciplinary development.

Liu Taoxiong, Secretary of the SSS Party Committee, presided over the meeting, which was attended by former and new SSS leaders. After the meeting, members of the new council of SSS affairs discussed their work division, being ready to act with solidarity and cooperation, and to make contributions to new development of School of Social Sciences.