Yang Bin Investigates Talent Cultivation Work at School of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University

On the afternoon of April 7, Vice President Yang Bin and his delegation visited School of Social Sciences (SSS) for an investigation of talent cultivation at SSS. SSS Dean Peng Kaiping, Assistant Deans Li Zhengfeng, Wang Tianfu and Zhao Kejin and Deputy Secretary Zhang Chenggang attended the investigation. The investigation symposium was chaired by Liu Taoxiong, Secretary of the Party Committee at SSS.

Peng made a report on the overall situation of SSS and the situation of talent cultivation for international organizations, and analyzed the present situation of and difficulties and challenges for talent cultivation. Peng also put forward the strategy of “integration in four aspects” for talent cultivation for international organizations at SSS, namely, integration of methodology, personnel, situation and strengths, so as to foster compound top talents for “social development and global governance”. Zhao made a report on the situation of graduate cultivation and continuing education reform at SSS. Wang made a report on the situation of undergraduate dual degree cultivation at SSS and the Global Leadership Program of Master’s Degrees.

Yang listened carefully to the reports on the present situation of talent cultivation and a series of reform measures proposed based on the present situation, and affirmed the efforts of SSS in overall talent cultivation work. He pointed out that undergraduate dual degree cultivation should be distinguished from single degree cultivation and efforts should be made to gradually weaken the concept of major in the process of cultivation and identify a degree according to the match between courses a student studied and the major cultivation program for the second degree; with respect to talent cultivation for international organizations, he affirmed strategic measures proposed by SSS and the Global Leadership Program of Master’s Degrees, and expected SSS to seize opportunities, take the initiative and cultivate professional talents that are able to participate in global governance and international affairs; with respect to graduate cultivation, he suggested interdisciplinary efforts be made to integrate superior resources and cultivate industry-leading practical talents. Additionally, he also expected SSS to further supplement, perfect and detail the talent cultivation reform scheme, give full play to the advantage of SSS in talent cultivation, have the courage to undertake the pilot comprehensive reform of arts education and teaching in Tsinghua University and promote talent cultivation reform. In the symposium, Yang also gave answers to key policy support SSS required from the university and provided positive suggestions.

Persons in charge of departments and offices concerned such as Academic Affairs Office, Graduate School, School of Continuing Education, Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges, Career Development Center and Office of International Education attended the investigation.