“Social Passion Ever Lasts, Scientific Spirit Never Fades”

--The 106th Anniversary of Tsinghua University and Alumni Seminar of the School of Social Sciences Held Successfully


Under the bright sky and in the fair wind, the 106th Anniversary of Tsinghua University and Alumni Seminar of the School of Social Sciences was held in Tsinghua Happiness Technology Lab at 9:00 a.m., 29th April, 2017. Coinciding with the 106th anniversary of Tsinghua University, the seminar focused on the theme that “Social Passion Ever Lasts, Scientific Spirit Never Fades”, where alumni of the School of Social Sciences from all over the world gathered merrily to look back on the history and look forward to the future of the school. More than 150 people, including Dean Peng Kaiping, Former Dean Li Qiang, Communist Party Committee Secretary Liu Taoxiong, members of the School Council, alumni representatives, teachers and students of the School of Social Sciences attended the seminar, which was hosted by Communist Party Committee Vice Secretary Zhang Chenggang.

Peng Kaiping affirmed the achievements of the Alumni Association, and hoped it would continue to uphold the spirit of Tsinghua, and push forward reform and seek development unswervingly while dealing with concrete issues earnestly. He also shared the school’s initial intention for founding the Alumni Association, saying it’s determined by the historical particularity of university education that has gone through hundreds of years, and embodies the modern tide and a trend of development. In addition, Peng Kaiping elaborated on the role and position of alumni using four metaphors. First, alumni are the most loyal and ardent fans who cherish a never-ending love for the school; second, alumni are the most steadfast supporters who spare no efforts in building the school; third, alumni are the best propagandists who say what they really felt about the school in youth; last, alumni are the best teachers who can guide students to step out of the Ivory Tower and improve their understanding of the society in practice. On the seminar, Peng Kaiping also issued letters of appointment to the newly increased members of the council Zhou Weiping, Li Zhi and others, and expressed heart-felt blessings to all alumni who care for the development of Tsinghua University and the School of Social Sciences.

Dean Peng Kaiping Addressed the Seminar


Together with the participants, Lecturer Li Qiang looked back on the four periods of history for the social science development of Tsinghua University. The school will start its next journey from a new point of era. Lecturer Li Qiang wished sincerely that the school would grow more prosperous and robust under the guidance of Tsinghua University.


Former Dean Li Qiang Made a Speech


Young Lecturer Yan Fei of the school gave a speech on behalf of the whole faculty. Teachers of the school will be immersed in knowledge without distractions, keep in mind our original will and full confidence, and contribute to building a better Tsinghua University and a better School of Social Sciences, he said.


Faculty Representative Yan Fei Made a Speech


In the interactive section, Alumni Representatives Zhao Tong, Liu Yuewen, Ren Zhiqiang, Li Xiaohong and Zuo Han shared their inspirations and talked with students about vocational development and path selection on the forum themed “express social feelings and embody scientific spirit”. They all said cultivating social feelings and forming scientific spirit are really necessary for keeping the real look in the materialistic society, and hoped younger schoolmates would establish correct values, give full play to subjective initiative while stressing objective environment, not give up in the face of difficulties, and march forward courageously.


“Express Social Feelings, Embody Scientific Spirit” Alumni Forum


The song Tsinghua Version · Chengdu of alumnus Li Shengqiang brought back the warm memories of youth and happiness.

Student Representative Liu Hao talked about his inspirations of learning, and sighed on the massive historical memory of the words “social sciences”—while perceiving social feelings in the words and actions of alumni, we will also advance bravely and strive to be a pillar of our nation in the glory of models.


Student Representative Liu Hao Made a Speech


Alumni Card and Alumni WeChat Account of the School of Social Sciences were issued smoothly on the seminar.

Alumni Representative Zuo Han read out the alumni foundation donation proposal. On the following ceremony for the signing of alumni foundation donation, alumni President Wei Wen of Huayang International Industrial Investment Group Co., Ltd., President Ma Changjiang of Yuncheng Polytechnic College, President Ren Zhiqiang of Beijing Hua’an Yintai Investment Co., Ltd., Mr. Liu Songlin and Mr. Yao Zhongliang signed their names and made donations respectively for supporting the development and construction of the school.


Alumni Foundation Donation Signing Ceremony



Communist Party Committee Vice Secretary Zhang Chenggang Presided Over the Seminar


Finally, all participants of the seminar posed for a group photo.


Group Photo of Participants