The First Session of the Positive Psychology Instructor Certificate Program Starts in Tsinghua University

In the forenoon of 15th May, the opening ceremony of the Positive Psychology Instructor Certificate Program was held in Tsinghua Happiness Technology Lab. Chief Deng Liman of the Continuing Education Office and Dean Peng Kaiping of the School of Social Sciences attended the ceremony.

Deng Liman delivered in a speech three sentences to the trainees. First, “we have good times”. Today is of special significance because it coincides with the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation. China plays an increasingly more important part in the international community. As a great power, China should have a large-country mindset. In such an era, positive psychology will play a particularly important role. Second, “thank you all the way”. thanks for the trust and support of the 52 trainees selected from the 300 trainees of the previous five training sessions, whose involvement contributes to the growth of the program. Third, “teaching benefits teachers as well as students”. Chief Deng hoped the trainees would practice positive psychology after the end of the learning and would present precious suggestions for curriculum provision so that the program would develop better.

In the address, Deng Kaiping stressed positive psychology workers must have the sense of mission. The sense of mission isn’t a religious concept or a social reward concept; instead, it’s an internal impetus that constantly encourages people to achieve great success, unremittingly and in spite of all obstacles and difficulties, he said. Dean Peng also expressed the hope that trainees of the first session would have the sense of mission and contribute to developing positive psychology in China.

This session of the Positive Psychology Instructor Certificate Program enrolls 52 trainees in the sectors of education, government, public security, medical care, media and finance from 18 provinces, municipalities and regions. In the following internship, these trainees will select an orientation from such fields as positive education, positive organization, positive medicine, positive family, positive army, positive individual and positive society to carry out their respective internship program.

The Positive Psychology Instructor Certificate Program is the first positive psychology certificate program and also the first independent level certification program of Tsinghua University.

Group Photo of All Trainees of the Positive Psychology Instructor Certificate Program

 Prof. Fan Fumin of the Department of Psychology, Tsinghua University Gave to Trainees a Lecture on the Ethical Norm of Psychological Workers