“Global Governance Dual Degree Master’s Program” Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signed Smoothly in Washington, U.S.

At noon of 31st May local time, Chairperson Chen Xu of Tsinghua University Council and President John DeGioia of Georgetown University signed, in the famous Hael Hall of Georgetown University, a strategic cooperation agreement between the School of Social Sciences of Tsinghua University and the School of Foreign Service of Georgetown University to jointly build the “Global Governance Dual Degree Master’s Program”. Vice President and Provost Yang Bin, Dean Peng Kaiping of the School of Social Sciences, Dean Li Jinliang and Deputy Dean Meng Bo of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange and others attended the signing ceremony.

On the ceremony, Dean Peng Kaiping expressed cordial thanks to the leadership of both universities for their support for the “Global Governance Dual Degree Master’s Program”. Tsinghua University and Georgetown University are both research-oriented universities in their respective country, sharing many similarities, he said. Georgetown University, with a long history, has cultivated lots of foreign service personnel and government staff for the United States. Also, Tsinghua University has contributed most senior government officials and international staff of China. The School of Social Sciences hopes to further improve its abilities of scientific research, talent cultivation and social service by virtue of George University’s advantageous resources in global politics, diplomacy and international relations.

He indicated that while the course of globalization is accelerated, China needs to participate more in international affairs and the world also needs China to play an important role in global development; all these request more knowledge, skills and experience of global governance. George University, with the most experience in global governance, and Tsinghua University, with the largest potential of leadership, will join hands to cultivate international talents—it’s the reason why we create the program. In the meantime, we also need more training, action and communication. We hope the dual degree program can become a world-class platform that cultivates future diplomatists, state activists and social service experts; it’s also our expectation that the program will be an international center for cross-cultural cooperation and exchange, and a place where excellent young people from all over the world can experience both western and Chinese wisdom.

 Founded in 1789, Georgetown University is a world-leading institution of higher education and also one of the oldest universities in the U.S. It’s a top-class comprehensive private university located in Washington D.C. It ranks among the 25 all-star U.S. universities, and is also regarded as the best Jesuit university in the country. Former U.S. President Bill Clinton, Former Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi are all alumni of Georgetown University.

The “Global Governance Dual Degree Master’s Program”, created jointly by the School of Social Sciences of Tsinghua University and the School of Foreign Service of Georgetown University, marks the beginning of cooperation between both universities. Both sides will work together to push ahead the program and obtain substantial achievements.