A Paper of Dr. Su Yusong of the Department of Political Science Selected into ESI Highly Cited Papers for the Sixth Consecutive Year


The Information & Reference Service Unit of Tsinghua University Library released the latest Brief Report on ESI High-Impact Papers of Tsinghua University recently. According to the report, a paper that Dr. Su Yusong of the Department of Political Science published in 2011 is selected into ESI Highly Cited Papers, the only one of the School of Social Sciences. It’s the sixth consecutive year that the paper was included, demonstrating the outstanding influence of Dr. Su Yusong and his studies in the international academic circles.

ESI (Essential Science Indicators) is a deep-analysis research tool based on the Web of Science Core Collection Database. According to the publishing quantity and citation data of journal articles, ESI provides scientific research performance statistics and scientific research strength ranking of countries, institutions and periodicals in 22 disciplinary research fields. ESI Highly Cited Papers refer to those ranking by citations among the world’s first 1% of papers published in the recent 10-11 years according to ESI statistics of the same discipline and for the same year.

The paper of Dr. Su Yusong won by pushing ahead substantially the development and application of the Missing Data Imputation theory. Missing Data is the top priority puzzle in data analysis that relates directly to the reliability of analysis result and the validity of deduction. While studying deeply the defects of the original theory, Dr. Su’s paper presents a new algorithm and the SCHM theory, and transforms research findings into the “transparent computing software” (mi) that has been among the famous three major data imputation software in the academic circles. In the meantime, MICE, Amelia and other competitors have all integrated its core module to push out a new version since the achievement was published in 2011, which indicates undoubtedly the achievement is prospective and competitive in its field.

Among the first group of teaching and research personnel included into the tenure-track system after our personnel system reform, Dr. Su Yusong has been always committed to the research of political methodology, with substantial achievements in the development and application of quantitative analysis methods for social sciences. In addition to the paper selected into ESI Highly Cited Papers for which he’s the first author, another paper, which Dr. Su and Post Doctor Supervisor Dr. Andrew Gelman published jointly in 2008, is also selected into ESI Highly Cited Papers for the 9th consecutive year. In the meantime, Dr. Su’s articles, works and software have registered 1,654 citations since 2008, ranking among the first 25% of “political methodology” scholars in the database, according to Google Scholar statistics.