Commencement for 2017 Graduates of the School of Social Sciences Held

On the morning of June 29, 2017, the commencement for 2017 graduates of the School of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University was held in the multi-function hall, 2/F of Mong Man Wai Building. Members of school affairs meeting such as Peng Kaiping, Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Liu Taoxiong, Secretary of the Party Committee, along with teacher representatives from departments and institutes, alumni representatives and all of the 2017 graduates attended the ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Zhang Chenggang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Social Sciences.

The ceremony began with a show of the 2017 graduates featuring five themes of “all across the world”, “fleeting time”, “podium”, “official career” and “life-long company”, demonstrating diversified ideals and pursuits of the graduates upon graduation and igniting the atmosphere at the ceremony. Later, Zhang Chenggang, the host, introduced the overall situation of the 2017 graduates: a total of 203 students will be graduating from the School of Social Sciences in 2017, of which 84 are bachelor graduates and 119 are master graduates. Zhang also explained and analyzed career choices of graduates. Liu Taoxiong announced honors obtained by the 2017 graduates and leaders of the School of Social Sciences awarded certificates to postgraduates who won the title of outstanding graduate of Beijing.

Li Jinzhao, bachelor graduate, Li Zhao and Li Xiaomeng, master graduates, Hu Chuanpeng, doctor graduate and 康莎乐, overseas student, delivered speeches as graduate representatives. Graduation marks both an end and a beginning. By recalling their growth and changes, the wonderful time they spent with teachers and schoolmates, and the knowledge and responsibility they learned at Tsinghua, these representatives expressed gratitude and attachment to Tsinghua, the School of Social Sciences and their teachers. They promised to keep in mind social responsibility, stick to the true heart, stay grateful, uphold Tsinghua spirit and remember the friendship and care at the school, no matter where they go. They showed the determination to practice Tsinghua’s spirit of “actions over words” to embark on a new journey towards their dreams.

Sun Xuefeng congratulated on the graduation as a teacher representative. Sun cited his own life experiences and shared life lessons with the students. He encouraged students to follow the era and the trend. He also encouraged students to constantly improve themselves in face of risks and challenges. He believed with courage, motivation and perseverance, one can finally find his own way.

Yu Feng, doctor graduate of psychology in 2014 and professor at the Research Institute of Social Psychology of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences of Xi’an Jiaotong University, gave a speech as an alumni representative. He encouraged students to stay fun, positive, optimistic and curious, and become people with new ideas in a new era.

Under a big round of applause, Peng Kaiping, Dean of the School of Social Sciences, offered students a lesson titled “Listening to the Call of the Heart”. He encouraged students to listen to the call from their heart and introduced three ways to do so: one, the thing that is liked, enjoyed and makes them realize the meaning of life might just be a call of the heart; two, jobs and actions that induce “sense of blessing” may also be a call of the heart; three, the thing that offers senses of belonging, value and contribution and endows life with meaning might be a call of the heart. Peng highlighted that Tsinghua graduates need to listen to such calls, free themselves from the control of the mundane, the ordinary, the dirty and the evil, and maintain a kind and beautiful soul. Lastly, Peng wished his best and expressed his expectations on the 2017 graduates, hoping them may have a heart that is forever young. Peng also sent wishes that all guests present have a beautiful life in this great era!

In the end, Wang Tianfu, Deputy Dean, read out the list of graduates. School leaders and teachers took photos with gradates. The site was filled with expectations for a new life and attachment and affection. With the accompany of a piano song “Wishes”, the commencement for 2017 graduates of the School of Social Sciences of Tsinghua University came to a successful ending.

Before the commencement, some teacher representatives from the school took graduation photos with all of the graduates in front of the grand auditorium, and signed their names on the graduation wall at the entrance of the commencement venue.