The Opening of the 19th NCCPC Eagerly Concerned by Professors and Students in the School Of Social Sciences

From 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. on October 18, 2017, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Social Sciences, Mr. LIU Taoxiong together with some professors and students of the School, totaling more than 20, collectively watched live telecasting of the grand opening of 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (NCCPC) at the Ming Guesthouse – “Home of Party Members”. The participants also include Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Ms. LI Ying and the student group leader, RONG Ke.

All the attenders listened to the report delivered by the General Secretary of CPC, Mr. XI Jinping at the 19th NCCPC on behalf of the 18th Central Committee. In this report, the General Secretary Xi reviewed great accomplishments and historical changes that have been made by China and the CPC ever since the 18th NCCPC, introduced new situations and new strategies facing China and the CPC at present, proposed socialist ideologies and basic plans with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and made overall and profound illustrations to the changes in the conflicts currently confronted by the Chinese people, as well as to guidelines and polices of the CPC.

After the viewing, these professor and student party members expressed their pride and exultation for the achievements that have been made over the past five years and particularly for the national rejuvenation. They firmly keep in mind the General Secretary’s instruction that “the founding aspiration and the mission of the Chinese party members are to strive for well-being of all Chinese people and rejuvenation of China”. Staying true to the original mission and firmly bearing in mind the duty and mission as a party member, they unanimously resolve to move on, dedicate themselves to their posts and continue to make contributions to the great cause of socialism construction with Chinese characteristics under the leadership of the CPC, so as to achieve the goal that “people are always aspiring for a better life”.

This collective-viewing activity is merely one of the party member activities organized by the party committee of the School of Social Sciences to celebrate the opening of the 19th NCCPC. Subsequent to this, the party committee will organize all party members from professors, students and working staff in the whole school to deeply learn and comprehend spirits of the 19th NCCPC from all respects.