Unique Programs

The Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies (IUP) is a cooperative program between Tsinghua University and a consortium of 15 leading American universities: University of California-Berkeley, University of California-Los Angeles, University of Chicago, Columbia University, Cornell University, Harvard University, Indiana University, University of Michigan, University of Oxford, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, University of Virginia, University of Washington, and Yale University. IUP was established in 1963 and has been located at Tsinghua since 1997.

IUP is the premier U.S.-sponsored Chinese language program intended for serious students who aspire to advance language competence, whether they be undergraduates, graduates, professionals, or established scholars. It operates year-round on the Tsinghua campus. IUP has a maximum of 60 students (all at intermediate and advanced levels) and over 30 full-time teachers, with a 1:2 teacher-student ratio for three group classes daily, and a one-hour daily 1:1 tutorial. It uses a highly effective teaching methodology developed over 40 years.